About Goxel

Goxel is a voxel editor for desktop and mobile, created by Guillaume Chereau. The code is open source under a dual licence GPL-3.0 or commercial and available on github.

The desktop version is available for free for both Windows and Mac (see the download page).

What is a voxel ?

The term “Voxel” stands for “Volumetric Pixel”, it is the 3D equivalent of a pixel in two dimensions. Just like 2D images can be represented as a pixel grid, 3D images can be represented as a 3D voxel grid, where each point of the grid represents the color at a given position.

Most conventional 3D editors don’t use voxels, but instead represent the model as a set of triangles. This is similar to the difference between vectorial and bitmap graphics:

Graphics type2D software3D software
VectorialInkscape, IllustratorBlender, 3DS max
BitmapGimp, PhotoshopGoxel, Magica Voxel

Currently 3D art is mostly used for its specific “blocky” style. But in the future, as the hardware capabilities increase, the size of the voxels could get small enough to become undistinguishable from a smooth surface. We might then see voxels becoming a natural choice of representation for 3D assets.